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Little Miss Sunshine

I was just thinking how weird it is that we eat birds

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Eh. What can I say here? I'm a certified and certifiable book wrangler and customer tamer. I am who I am and that's what I am.


How I Met Your Mother, Hell's Kitchen, Glee, Raising Hope, Parenthood, The Rachel Maddow Show, The Big Bang Theory, My Boys, Doctor Who, Chuck, 30 Rock, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, Friday Night Lights, The Office, Supernatural, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, What Not to Wear (Stacey and Clinton are my best friends in Fantasyland) and assorted other things on a less-regular basis Shutup. I love teevee!




The Decemberists (always), Black Keys, Broken Bells, Vampire Weekend, Neko Case, The New Pornographers, Johnny Cash, The Stills, Interpol, Sufjan Stevens, Clem Snide, Iron & Wine, lots o' mp3s


my honey, Neil Patrick Harris, my pointy toed kitten heels, dance rock, iced tea made with Splenda, Colin Meloy, my friends and family, post-apocalyptic works of art

Friending Policy:

Yes, I decided it was time to explain my friending policy...after several years on el jay. I don't really have a strict policy. I friend people when I see them around el jay and they're funny/thoughtful/like-minded/yada yada. If you are one of these people, don't be alarmed. I try to introduce myself, but there is absolutely zero pressure to friend back. Now, if you friend me first, I will go to your own el jay and scope you out, maybe make a comment or two and see if we mesh. Likely we will and I'll then friend you back.

30 rock, a.m. homes, adam lambert, aimee mann, alan alda, alice hoffman, angel, ann patchett, arrested development, art, batting eyelashes, better than ezra, bjork, board games, books, bookstores, brainiacs, brian kinney, buffy the vampire slayer, buttered popcorn, carnivale, chatting, chuck, clem snide, conan o'brien, control agents, dan in real life, dave foley, david boreanaz, david duchovny, david tennant, democracy, diet coke, dirty martinis, doctor who, donnie darko, drama, dvds, eliza dushku, fan fiction, fiona apple, firefly, flights of fancy, flirting, friday night lights, fun socks, garden state, get smart, getting out of branson, glen phillips, grant-lee phillips, harry dresden, harry potter, hawkeye, himym, honey-lemon cough drops, ian somerhalder, ice cream, in style, indie rock, jack white, jake gyllenhaal, james spader, jimmy fallon, joan of arcadia, john simm, joss whedon, kids in the hall, life on mars, lightning bugs, literature, little miss sunshine, logan echolls, logan's profile, m*a*s*h, maggie gyllenhaal, magnolia electric company, mandy moore, martha jones, memphis, mexican food, mountains, movies, music, my so-called life, nashville, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, neko case, new orleans, new pornographers, nicholas brendon, omgsway!, overidentifying with fictional characters, pajama bottoms, panic at the disco, paul blackthorne, paul thomas anderson, pj harvey, portishead, pretty boys, pumpkin spice candles, pushing daisies, r.e.m., rachel mcadams, rainy nights, rampaging idiots society, raspberry preserves, reading, riesling, rose tyler, rum raisin ice cream, ryan gosling, sarah dessen, sarah michelle gellar, saturday night live, scrubs, serenity, shoes, six feet under, sleater-kinney, songs: ohia, spike, spring smells, spuffy, stars, steve carell, supernatural, the decemberists, the doctor, the dresden files, the good girl, the office, the shins, the white stripes, the winchester boys, the x-files, time lords, tina fey, toad the wet sprocket, toast, tori amos, toronto, travel, trivial pursuit, veronica mars, veronica/logan, weeping willows, you, zach braff